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From: Audrey Belle
RE: Because You Deserve It

I have been obsessively struggling with my weight since I am 15 years old and here am I today, 17 years later, successfully helping others get rid of their excess pounds. Nothing means more to me than taking away the burden of not feeling good, not looking good and hence not being happy.

My name is Audrey Belle and I am a French Nutritionist in London.

When it comes to losing weight, the problem we all find is the amount of contradictory information put out there. There so many different diets that all claim to achieve great results.... but for how long? and at what price? You don't want to damage your health in the name of a quest to weight loss, one day you will absolutely regret it, and that day will be sooner than later.

Most of my clients that come to see me have already been on diets. And they already lost weight, put it back on and they are still in the infernal dieting spiral. It's tiring, draining, preventing you from socialising... it's taking your life away!
I see my clients prepared to drink awfully tasting chemically engineered protein drinks or meal replacements for weeks, starving themselves and depriving themselves of vital foods that should be eaten everyday. All that for what? Lose a few pounds for a few weeks and then put everything back again... and even more!

The SOLUTION to break the infernal dieting spiral is not another fad diet.
The Solution is a
that is HEALTHY and will make you

The EVERGREEN DIET is exactly what you need if you want to break free from the infernal dieting spiral.
Although I call it a diet because I have designed this program to lose weight, it is a sustainable, healthy, and very easy eating style.
I have seen too many people, and people who are very close to me as well, hurting themselves without knowing it for the sake of losing a few pounds that I took it as a mission to help people lose weight the way they are designed to lose weight and keep it off for ever.


If you are not entirely satisfied with The EverGreen Diet, followed it and not seeing any results, which would be very surprising, I will give you your money back. It's as simple as that!


If YOU are the NEXT PERSON to order The EverGreen Diet TODAY, you will ONLY pay $47!!

YES! I want to break free from the dieting spiral and lose weight with The EverGreen Diet!
This is what I will Receive:The EverGreen Diet Manual

This will explain to me the ins and outs of The EverGreen DietThe EverGreen Diet Recipes

This will show me and inspire me on how to make delicious, healthy and EverGreen Diet Approved Recipes

The EverGreen Diet 12 Weeks Meal Plan

This will teach me what I should eat at any moment of my day

The EverGreen Diet Quick Start Guide

This is useful if I want to start in less than 15 minutes or go back to the basics of The EverGreen Diet

The EverGreen Diet Food & Mood Diary

This will help me monitor my results and push me in the right direction

The EverGreen Diet Shopping Guide

This will help me to shop better and quicker at the same time!

The EverGreen Diet Superfood Guide

This will teach me what kind of superfood I can incorporate in my everyday diet

The EverGreen Diet 7 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

This will show me what not to do when I'm on the program!

  • "I understand The EverGreen Diet will help me lose my excess weight by staying healthy. I clearly see the value of it"

  • "I UNDERSTAND... there is a 30 day guarantee of this product and if I am unhappy I will receive my money back no questions asked."

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What Do People Say About The EverGreen Diet?

"Easiest Diet I've Been On!"

“The EverGreen Diet has been the easiest diet I’ve been on. When Audrey says it’s more of an eating-style than a diet, believe it! I’m now doing the program without even thinking about it and adore my new figure” NM, London

"I was not making the best food choices as I though I was..."

“I’m always on the go and eating at restaurants and obviously I was not making the best food choices as I though I was doing. The EverGreen Diet made me realise a lot about nutrition and I’m now drawn to better food choices, thanks to Audrey's advice and support throughout the program.” CB, London